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    About Chala Bryant

    Get to know the person behind the passion for wine and hospitality.

    Early Roots in Woodville, North Carolina

    Chala Bryant, a true Southern soul, was born and raised in the quaint town of Woodville, just outside Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Growing up in a tight-knit family farming community, Chala's connection to the land and its offerings was ingrained from a young age.

    The Influence of Terroir

    In this small town, surrounded by the lush landscapes and fertile soil, Chala's journey into the world of wine began. The concept of terroir—how the land's characteristics influence the taste of wine—became a part of her daily life and sparked a fascination that would later define her career.

    A Passion Unveiled

    In 2007, Chala took her first steps into the realm of hospitality. Little did she know, this would mark the beginning of a transformative journey. As she delved into the intricacies of the industry, a profound curiosity and love for wine unfolded.

    Nurturing Curiosity into Passion

    Working within the hospitality sector provided Chala with a hands-on education in the art and science of wine. From vine to glass, she immersed herself in every aspect, cultivating a deep understanding of the craft.

    Crafting Experiences, One Sip at a Time

    Over the years, Chala's career has evolved, but her commitment to creating memorable experiences through wine remains unwavering. Whether guiding enthusiasts through a tasting or curating the perfect pairing, her dedication to the world of wine shines through.

    Join Chala on the Journey

    Explore the pages of this website to discover more about Chala Bryant's love for wine, her insights into terroir, and the delightful experiences she crafts for wine enthusiasts like yourself.

    Cheers to the journey!

  • Meet Chala Bryant

    Welcome to my corner of the web! I'm Chala Bryant—a passionate sommelier, seasoned winemaker, and a firm believer in the transformative power of a great glass of wine.

    A Journey of Taste and Expertise

    My journey in the hospitality industry has been nothing short of extraordinary. After savoring success in various roles, I decided to deepen my understanding of the world of wine. In 2016, I proudly achieved my CMS & WSET certifications, and the pinnacle of my journey came with the distinction of receiving my sommelier certification.

    Nurturing Grapes, Crafting Excellence

    Venturing beyond certifications, I had the incredible opportunity to work alongside Jerome Chery as an Assistant Winemaker at Fog Crest Vineyards during their 2022 harvest in Napa Valley, California. This hands-on experience further enriched my appreciation for the artistry and science behind winemaking.

    Roots and Inspiration

    Much of my ambition and inspiration can be traced back to my remarkable grandmother, Mary Frances Perry James. A true force of nature, she was not only a mother of 19 but also an agricultural crew leader for an astounding 45 years. Her indomitable spirit and resilience in business have left an indelible mark on my work ethic and determination.

    I fondly remember her, always "toting a shotgun, a prayer cloth, and a fishing rod." Her legacy lives on as my guiding example of determination and hard work.

    Beyond Wine: Family, Fur-Babies, and Fishing

    When I'm not immersed in the world of wine, you'll find me soaking up precious moments with my family. My fur-baby, Madison, adds a dash of joy to my days. And yes, I share my grandmother's love for fishing—a perfect way to unwind and connect with nature.

    Uncorked Raleigh: Where Knowledge Meets Passion

    I invite you to visit Uncorked Raleigh, where I'm eager to share my wealth of knowledge and love for wine with you. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or just dipping your toes into the world of wine, let's uncork the extraordinary together!


    Chala Bryant

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